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Commission Based Pay - 1099 Contracted Position

Global Medevac is the Nation’s premier prepaid Emergency Transportation Membership service. Many Americans do not know that medical transportation costs are now primarily paid by the patient, out-of-pocket.

Global Medevac covers the costs of these life-saving services for our members, with a plan that fits every family and every budget.

And we need you as an Enrollment Specialist! 

Start a business or expand your current benefits while enjoying significant first year AND yearly renewing income!

Those who do great with this opportunity are:

  • Firefighters, EMS Professionals, First Responders

  • Military Vets

  • Sales Professionals

  • Real Estate and Insurance Agents

  • Financial Advisors

  • Retirees

  • Stay at home parents

  • Community volunteers

  • ANYONE who has the desire to earn extra income or even start a career!

  • And ANYONE who is coachable and willing to follow our “Path To Success”!

EVERYONE is welcome to apply!

Whether you want to…

  • Start your own business

  • Looking for a full-time opportunity

  • A part-time opportunity to supplement your income

  • Or if you are a professional looking for that next product to add to your portfolio of existing coverages.

This opportunity is for you! 

Global Medevac protects our members with a robust and comprehensive benefits package, there is no coverage available like it!

When you join with us at Global Medevac, you join our FAMILY.  You benefit from the over 100 years of experience we bring to this industry. 

All of your training is done online, and at your speed. You will be coached and trained as we walk you through our "Path to Success" with 1-on-1 Career Coaching, weekly team webinars, and all of the marketing tools you could ever need!  

It's that easy.

Follow the steps below to get started on your PATH TO SUCCESS and join our growing team TODAY!

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Complete the Becoming an Enroller Course

A series of short videos about the opportunity.

Complete the PATH TO SUCCESS Course

Company training and certification.


Every business takes a degree of financial & time consuming investment in order to be successful.

A sole proprietor position with Global Medevac as an Enroller is no different. 

Below is a breakdown of similar paying careers, along with the costs and time involved with starting and maintaining

that business entity in that industry, versus a career with Global Medevac.


Avg Income: $140,000+/yr

Schooling: 4 years of undergraduate study, followed by 3 years of law school

Licensing: State Exam, Yearly Education and relicensing, Insurance required

Cost: $145,000 + Yearly Costs


Avg Income: $200,000+/yr

Schooling: 4 years of undergraduate study, followed by 4+ years of med schooling

Licensing:  Exam, Yearly Education and relicensing, Insurance required

Cost: $150,000 + Yearly Costs

Real Estate & Mortgage

Avg Income: $100,000+/yr

Schooling: Trade Schooling - varies by state

Licensing:  State Exam, Yearly Education and relicensing, Insurance required

Cost: $10,000 + Yearly Costs

Direct Sales

Avg Income: $60,000+/yr

Similar Commission Structured Businesses

Schooling: Training

Licensing:  Limited to none

Cost: Upfront costs + Monthly Costs + Commission Draws

Varies per company, typically $500/month+ for physical product/ product licensing

Global Medevac Enroller

Avg Income: $100,000+/yr

Schooling: High School Graduate/GED

Licensing: None Required

Cost to begin: Global Medevac Membership Dues


My background has been in professional sales - coming from a successful career in Real Estate, I have never had so much job satisfaction in my life. Work for myself, provide for my family, and be the hero of my community with a unique product that no one offers.
This is an amazing career!

Justin Elder

Senior Regional Sales Manager

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